Admission FAQ-MCM Competitive Classes

freecounsellingFree Counselling
You can look out for new opportunities with the help of different courses that we offer. Speak with our Counsellors on (+91)9999380958
application Application
You can apply online or you can also send your completed application form by email or by post.
onlinepaymentFees Payment
You have an option to either pay the fees in lump sum to avail exciting offers or in convenient instalments. It is easy to pay fees with the help of convenient payment options by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cheque etc.
As soon as we receive your Registration Fees then we generate Indentity Card for our Students,where Batch Timing is decided you can call us on (+91)9999380958
dispatchDispatch & Delivery
In MCM Competitive Classes when a student id is generated once the admission is confirmed and the student kit along with the student ID, Study Material are called for the class.
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